Masculine Energy 12/3/20

Good Morning My Beloved Masculines, What beautiful energy you are embracing. There is much excitement in the air and a tangible sense of forward momentum. Courage, Security, and Truth. These are such powerful messages from you. Nothing is holding you back from your dreams and you know you are the creator of your destiny. TheContinue reading “Masculine Energy 12/3/20”

Feminine Energy Update

Oh What a beautiful message for my Dear Feminines today. You my Divine Souls are in the process of purification. Take that however it resonates and trust that this is happening. Many of you have been clearing blockages in your deep energy centers. Womb space is purifying as well as throat and third eye. YouContinue reading “Feminine Energy Update”

Sacred Union Wave

What a month (and it’s not over yet). October has taken me deeper and put more repeated patterns in my face than I have had in awhile. Probably since last October to be exact. That was a doozie. I don’t know about you all but it’s been the full spectrum of feeling and healing. IContinue reading “Sacred Union Wave”

Current Energies

At the moment the masculines in this group are choosing themselves. This is a lesson the feminines have been working at for quite some time and it is not as easy as it sounds as many of you know. If there is a third party involved the masculine has even stepped back from that connectionContinue reading “Current Energies”

Harvesting Message

Message of the Day A blessing is on its way to you. Be open to receiving this as it is meant to show itself. We often hold our wishes so tightly that we close ourselves off to the true blessings that are meant for us. What is meant for you is coming in. You canContinue reading “Harvesting Message”

Energy Check-in

The masculine is navigating between worlds. It is a dance at the moment and balance is here one moment and gone the next. This is part of the plan. This is all part of finding inner harmony and his authentic truth. Downloads are occurring and he will emerge as the full Emperor but at theContinue reading “Energy Check-in”

Mudra Monday

Svadhistana aka Sacral or Second Chakra My body is communicating with me today. Subtle aches in my sacral chakra are asking to be heard. If feels like menstrual cramps but my moon was a week ago. Considering the recent jump I’ve made in my growth I guess this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. SvadhistanaContinue reading “Mudra Monday”

I Need Depth

I need depth. Crave it. Long for it in every aspect of my life. It is a requirement for myself and my relationships. It is…not that easy to embody but I am determined to follow this desire, this longing, to its end. Deeply feeling my emotions. All of my emotions. Whatever comes up. On myContinue reading “I Need Depth”


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