All transformative paths begin with a desire to change and become. Finding your inner voice and trusting yourself before others is an exploration of heart. It is a death and rebirth that must occur again and again as you continue to evolve. Your Divine expression is both unique and collective. You truly are both a droplet of water as well as the vast ocean.


Exploration of the Divine is directly tied to the physical expression of self. Feeling who you truly are and honoring all emotions and sensations is beautiful and sacred. There are a myriad of emotions available and they are all valid and safe to uncover. Your body is your greatest teacher. Sensations range from subtle to strong as an inner guide and compass. It is up to you to learn your own language and listen as your body speaks to you as it intuitively knows how.


Allowing yourself to expand, take up space, be seen and heard is the embodiment of Divine Living. Accepting that living your life perfectly is not the same as living your perfect life. Knowing that your version and expression of Self is different than anyone else’s and it can and will change as you do. Being completely you in every moment is truly Awakening to Love.

You are loved here.

~ Divinely Sue

About Us

Divinely Sue was created to honor the Divine Wisdom in us all. It is my purpose to help others Find, Feel, and Free their true selves. The Authentic Self that was born to love and be alive. I am here to show up, teach what I know, learn more, and transform again and again. This page is a dedication to conscious living. Thank you for being here.