Hello and welcome. Here is a little bit about me and a short snippet of my personal story.

My Bachelors of Science in Wellness from Missouri State University led me to the lush and enchanting Adirondack Mountains in 1997. This was only a stepping stone into the purpose my life would eventually take on. Over 2 decades later I am now a NYS Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist. I have also gone on to become a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive, Mentor and Spiritual Coach.

Through all my work I specialize in deepening and nurturing the sacred and beautiful relationship you share with your truest, highest self. The therapy and healing I offer assists others in feeling into spaces that may have become dormant, blocked or constricted. Through each session or series of sessions they are able to experience enhanced movement and overall body function. In addition, this release of stagnant energy creates a heighten sense of peace and overall well-being both emotionally and physically. Through my bodywork, energy work and coaching, I provide a safe space for others to explore and acknowledge their true divine expression. This awakening to Self-Love opens a deeper sense of self awareness and inner harmony bringing balance and peace to daily life. As the body and spirit begin to reconnect so does the Divine Wisdom within.

I have been working with and tuning into energy since my early 20’s. In the beginning my intuitive gifts were hard to understand and process. Seeing and knowing is innate in all of us but isn’t always something you speak about to others. It seemed easier to push my gifts aside and proceed with my “normal” life. Eventually I found myself on a path that was unbalanced, misaligned, and robotic and my soul began to drift. This dark space was crippling on the inside but only my closest friends knew how fragile I had become.

“Jump and life will catch you…” and that is exactly what I did.

I said goodbye to the life I had created. The one that was mapped out and looked good on paper, and began the deep process of transformation. I was driven to uncover any internal limitation I had created to protect myself from love, life, and the true soul freedom I desired. It was my mission to free myself and find out who I really was and why I was really here. I began reading books on awakening, taking breath work classes, learned Reiki and other energy work practices, worked endlessly with my own body, sat in stillness with my raw emotions, practiced shamanic work, began reading and interpreting the Tarot, learned and understood how to transmute energy, began working with crystals, and finally began openly expressing my experience with others while listening to and learning from them. As a result, my professional work as a massage therapist began to change and transform as I began attracting my ideal clients seeking both body and soul work. That is what has lead me here. My soul purpose and contract to teach was destined and I have always been brought back to the path that never fully left my feet.

Through my own process of self discovery and healing I have learned and accepted that I am multi dimensional and full of beautiful contrasts. I am not and never will be ‘conventional’. As a leader, that isn’t the place I belong. I am unique and I happily embrace it. It is my ‘Sueness’ that makes me beautiful. Knowing and loving who I am is powerful. It is the greatest gift I have received in this process and the gift I wish to pass on to you. The irony of this deep soul exploration is that you realize your uniqueness is not what makes you separate, it is what connects you.

One of the beautiful aspects of being of this world is seeing that everyone is who they are and we can change whenever we decide. We are allowed to grow and become new every hour if we need to. We can stay still if we are called to as well. We have permission to choose and that permission comes from ourselves, no need for outside validation. We create the rules for us and we can recreate them at anytime. The world will adjust. It always has and always will. What we let go of is what we no longer need to carry and it’s ok to let go…. It’s ok to want to move forward even if that looks different than you thought it would. You learn how to surrender to not always knowing the how and yet deep down you somehow know the why.

I Am so grateful to have you here.

Light and Love,


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