Masculine Energy 12/3/20

Good Morning My Beloved Masculines,

What beautiful energy you are embracing. There is much excitement in the air and a tangible sense of forward momentum. Courage, Security, and Truth. These are such powerful messages from you. Nothing is holding you back from your dreams and you know you are the creator of your destiny. The truth within you has been steadily growing and it is now firmly planted and strong. The desire to reunite with your beloved and lay down a solid foundation is burning within your heart as well as your root. For those who have lacked the courage to stand up to their false beliefs in the past and those who have simply followed the path most traveled this message is for their divine counterpart. It has been a long road and they are asking for grace. Learning to live with an open heart has not easy for either counterpart and especially difficult for those who are holding the Masculine energy as their primary force to this awakening. Just as it has taken great courage for the Feminines to step fully into receptivity, it has taken great courage for the Masculines to come forward with solid action steps. This is a dance between the two energies and be reminded you are on this path together. Allow this change to come in with patience from both counterparts. Your desires are equally felt. Trust this. Hold on my Divine Souls… Things are about to get good!



Published by Susan Homa

LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Wellness Coach

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