Feminine Energy Update

Oh What a beautiful message for my Dear Feminines today. You my Divine Souls are in the process of purification. Take that however it resonates and trust that this is happening. Many of you have been clearing blockages in your deep energy centers. Womb space is purifying as well as throat and third eye. You may even feel as if you are regaining a sense of innocence in areas of your life. The chaos of deep healing is now behind you. It is easy to drop into that space of constant uncovering because you do not trust your ability to cleanse and heal your own wounds. This message is here to affirm you indeed are your own healer. You can trust your growth and the purity you are now embodying. You have worked to shed and release, unlearn and grow. Feeling into this fresh and clean space is new so be patient. Being this open to receive takes time to fully integrate but my Divine Feminine, you can trust you are in the right place. The Universe/God/Source does not make mistakes. You know you have done the work necessary. Enjoy the purity and innocence you have achieved.

You have walked alone through the cold winter months, fought your way through the turbulent summer tornadoes and now you may enjoy the peaceful warm sand and serenity where the land meets the sea.

Receive this message deeply and congratulate yourself for this pivotal space you have worked so hard to create. The butterflies have broke free from their cocoons… you are right on time.



Published by Susan Homa

LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Wellness Coach

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