Masculine Energy For 11/9/20

Good Morning Dear Masculines,

I see it is time to go deeper. This dive into the unknown will bring you the wisdom and unlimited expansion you have been seeking. It may seem living and acting from the surface is easier but it is not providing you with the happiness and freedom your soul is longing for. This connection once brought up your most intense and darkest fears and now the fear of losing it is bringing the same. You are being guided to go to deeper areas within even if they may seem dark. Once your eyes adjust you will see beauty and color emerge. Take your time as your feminine is holding space for you now. She is with you every step of the way and her love has and will never waver. This my sweet Masculines is conscious partnership in the making. Freedom to dive and hold space for one another. Taking turns on this path you chose to navigate in unison. As one partner finds they are drawn to the ocean depths the other partner will shape shift and provide support when needed. Soon you will find you are ready to surface and your joy will double as you and your counterpart explore the lighter energies that are to come. Remember Masculine, this is a constant flow of depth and light. Your desire in this lifetime was to truly be all you can be. You asked for this as much as your feminine did. You both volunteered to lead in this way. It is a testament to the love you share for one another as well as the whole of humanity.

Every step forward regardless how big or small is a step of action.



Published by Susan Homa

LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Wellness Coach

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