Oracle Cards for Divine Energies

What do the Feminines need to know at this time…

The White Witch card came up in my personal reading Saturday and here it is again for the collective. She represents the Maiden in the Triple Goddess (Maiden-Mother-Crone) that lies within. She is the youngest aspect of the feminine representing innocence and independence. She belongs to herself. This card represents new beginnings and the start of new dreams to manifest. Is there a situation you have outgrown? An aspect of yourself that must be renewed? A dream or desire your heart is waiting to act upon? This card is your message that your New Beginning starts with you. Allow yourself to dream those dreams and take small actions towards them. The owl is a representation of abundance and inner knowing that will accompany you. The sign you are waiting for is your light within.

What do the Masculines need to know at this time…

The High Priestess represents the Feminine aspect of the Divine. The use of intuition is highlighted here as the feminine works closely with the upper realms and the masculine works to bring that intuition into the physical world. This card indicates the deepening of self mastery within the masculine as he is being asked to look within to discern his next action step in the here and now. This is also a message that the Divine Feminine is playing heavily on his mind as he prepares for his future. Bringing balance within is allowing for the subtle changes to take place by bringing depth to this journey on both the intuitive and physical level.



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