Energy Reading July 23

What is Illuminated for the DM? What is he working on or towards? Balance within is a focal point that is or will soon be addressed. Balance begins with a strong core and radiates from the center. He is beginning to feel a wholeness that is lighting him up from within. Love will do this. Love of self and his counterpart yes, but this warmth goes far beyond those borders. This DM is beginning to open his heart to the love and light of the Universe. The recent shift has changed his perspective and there will be no going back from this point.

What is Illuminated for the DF? What is she working on or towards? Boundaries are a constant for this DF. She may have recently found she had created ones out of fear rather than love. The recent shift in the Masculine energy whether it be within or in the dynamic of her union has allowed her to lighten or remove the barricade she was hiding behind. She is seeing that the boundaries are for her and she is the one who decides what situations she allows in. Being vulnerable and seen feels better to her than it has before. There is a trust in her truth that has created a solid foundation. She is letting more light in now as she mirrors her DM on this path.

What are these movements creating in Union energies? Surrender. As each energy works side by side there is a sense of calmness and peace in the union. The recent darkness is behind them and they are both ready and more willing to take the next step toward the light that is drawing them forward. This step will be taken together.

Published by Susan Homa

LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Wellness Coach

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