The Void

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! I am not sure how you found me but I am very glad you did. I am so excited to begin. This page will grow and change as we do therefore its potential is as limitless as we are.

Today I am in The Void. This used to be a scary place for me. It is a space that is unknown and that can create uncertainty and internal doubts to come up. It can cause anxiety and intense energy to circulate within. It can cause old patterns to emerge and the desire to control can become very evident… for me that is my lesson for the day. Releasing control. Accepting that I am safe here even if I am not sure what is coming next. Believing that the open space in front of me is not the black hole even if it is difficult to see my way at the moment. Knowing and trusting that I am exactly where I need to be and although it is a little unsettling, I did in fact ask for this. I asked for more of myself and I am the only one who is accountable to deliver. I have to and do believe that the possibilities of this blog are limited only by my own imagination. If I hold true to the dream I hold dear than there are in fact no limits at all. I can take this void with me anywhere and I will always meet myself and my greatest potential in its open space. I am never alone. I am the creator of my own destiny and if you are here then you are a welcome friend on this journey. There are no accidents.

Today I am in The Void and the beating inside my chest reminds me I am alive and free to express myself. Oh how I took those two things for granted for so long. Existing rather than living. Suppressing my voice rather than expressing it. Hiding my inner light rather than glowing for all to see. It has been such a long and arduous road but I have no intention of stopping. I’ve had to unpack my bags multiple times and repacked them with only the items I wanted or maybe felt obligated to take at that time. I have plateaued and rested in the warm sun and curled up in a ball in the darkness again and again. I have gone within and found sadness and anger. I have found rage and regret. I have found deep despair and a longing to rewrite my story. I have found wishes and dreams that never came to be. I have also found utter and complete joy in who I am. I have found memories that are sacred. I have found promises kept and dreams fulfilled. I have found softness and sanctuary. I have found belief and trust. I have found resilience and restoration. I have found forgiveness for myself and others. I have found and will continue to find treasures of light and love. This is The Void. A place where the real magic happens and anything is possible.

Published by Susan Homa

LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Wellness Coach

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