Quantum Healings


Hello Love and Welcome

It is a pleasure and honor to facilitate this beautiful and expansive space. This healing opportunity provides a grounding for humanity and the earth as one. It works on an individual and group level. Each participant is asked to set a private individual intention. With that desire set in motion, the magic of the group session begins to unfold. What we heal within ourselves, we heal for the collective. As the collective heals, the Earth heals.

We are all one.

The sessions are set for one day a month. The healing container itself is set for one hour but you can expect your energy to begin shifting soon after your intention is set and can remain in active healing days or weeks after the session.

This is not a Zoom call, teaching or recorded session. It is a soul guided experience and your spirit will know exactly what to do. Each Healing is a closed group session for those individuals who signed up. I will be the space holder and will guide the session and move with the energy. It is a form of channeled Reiki Energy and Source Healing. Since there is no time that is recognized in the quantum field it is not necessary for you to take time off of work or drastically adjust your regular schedule for the session. The healing begins once your intention has been set. The set time and space location is provided to blend your healing intention with others which forms a powerful connection for humanity and amplifies the light grid here on earth.

These sessions are powerful.

A followup message will be provided for those who attend. This has been the most effective way for me to channel the messages and allows me to stay completely open for the time of the session. The write up will give you an opportunity to know what came up to be cleared and healed for the group. If you ever have any questions relating to the sessions please feel free to reach out via email or DM on my instagram page.

Sign up through the link provided. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after the session and as always, be gentle with yourself.

Quantum Healing Session ~ April 23 @ 5:30 EST

Thank you for joining this months light activation. Everyone who joins will bring a unique medicine to the collective healing grid and I am honored to have you here as a participant and healer for the group. I want you to know that your participation and energy will add so much value to the session. Please set your intention and allow the rest to simply be. Information regarding the session will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal account unless otherwise requested.


Individual Quantum Healing

A private channelled healing with me. This Activation will be specific to what you need at the time of the session. I will work with my guides to assist your spirit with whatever it is calling for. This session will be channelled privately in a similar manner as the group sessions. You will be asked to set an intention at the time of purchase and surrender to the rest. Trust that your spirit will know what to do from then on. I will do my work and send you the messages via the email associated with the PayPal account you sign up with. These are very powerful healing sessions. Once the intention is set be prepared to experience shifts and synchronicities.