Spiritual Coaching Programs

Spiritual Guidance Programs for those embarking on or currently navigating their spiritual path. These programs were created specifically for individuals who are interested in doing the deeper work necessary to confront any fears or limiting beliefs that are preventing them from giving and receiving the love they know they deserve to have. It is an awakening to self love that will transform and positively impact all relationships. The beauty of all these programs is, they meet you where you are. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your journey or if you have found yourself at a spiritual plateau. The programs are filled with lessons and practices that can be incorporated in your daily life or saved in your toolbox for a rainy day. This is a discovery of self awareness, self love, and self healing. The best part is that you will be guided in learning practical lessons that will further your growth long after the course is complete! Every lesson is sent to your in box and can be done in as you receive it or in your own time.

The courses build on each other and you can always returned to a specific practice when a new layer of personal growth is uncovered. I have combined all my personal knowledge and healing modalities to create 3 exciting courses designed to assist you in Finding your truth, Feeling your emotional and physical body, and Freeing your soul.

These programs will be guided through email correspondence. Each week will have a theme and each day will consist of dialog and a practical lesson or practice. This is essentially a program designed to help you get to know yourself in a deeper way. It is a program of trust, love, discovery and healing. Your inner world is reflected in your outer world. If you are seeking love, harmony, union and peace outside of yourself, you must first find it within. These courses are filled with practical lessons on vision writing, body awareness, trigger identification, soul discovery, embodiment & movement, and so much more! I am honored to share with you all that I have learned and practiced. I am a born healer and teacher and the lessons in this course helped me remember my truth and soul calling. Now it is time to expand this knowledge with others. If you were guided here I welcome you. Our paths were meant to cross. I look forward to working with you and passing on the ancient teachings of self healing and unconditional love.

Brief course outline:

Finding includes- mindset activation & vision writing, discovering your Core Self, meeting and identifying current limiting beliefs. Lessons are deeper in this program and may take some time. Be prepared to sit with and explore different areas of who you are. This program will inspire goals and dreams for the future by accessing the connection between your mind and souls desires. It is also a course that identifies limiting beliefs that are hidden and unconscious. Take your time with this program.

Feeling includes-body scanning, sensing and transmuting subtle energy, identifying emotions and feelings that connect the mind and body dynamic. This program is filled with body movement and breath work. It is a beautiful course designed to help you sense the subtle energies and emotional energy that hold weighted space in your physical body. You will learn how to identify and transmute this density into the ether as you move, explore and reveal in the privacy of your own safe space. Daily practical practice times vary from 5-20 minutes.

Freeing includes masculine / feminine balance, self love practices, discovery of your past, personal truth and authenticity. This program is a liberation of your true soul. Practices will open your inner voice and take you on specific quests. Be patient with yourself and stay open as you move through this program. It is a program of inner trust and knowing. Begin to believe what you already sense and see as you progress along your hero/heroine’s journey. Be prepared as some daily practices may take additional time.

Each program will follow the same 3 week format:
Week ONE will consist of 5 days Monday-Friday
Week TWO will consist of 3 days Monday-Wednesday-Friday
Week THREE will consist of 2 days Tuesday and Thursday

For additional questions or a free discovery call (contact@divinelysue.com)

The course was designed to build on itself but each month can be taken separately if only one aspect calls to you. Each program will consist of guided email correspondence and a daily practice or lesson. I encourage you to contact me throughout the process as this will help fine tune any areas of growth or may provide an opportunity for additional homework. The final week (week four) is open for questions, integration and self empowerment. Private 1:1 mentoring calls can also be scheduled (additional). If you have any questions please message me at contact@divinelysue.com to set up a free discovery call and find out if this course is right for you.

Finding Program


Feeling Program


Freeing Program


1:1 Mentoring call

30 Minute private call. Topics may include but are not limited to what you are currently experiencing on your journey; how to integrate, let go and surrender; and general tips for spiritual path navigation. As always I am here to provide a safe space for you to speak and be heard without judgement. Sometimes that is all we need when we are changing and our surroundings are not. I will help you come back to yourself and focus so you can align with the life you truly desire.


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